Titanium Boride (TiB2)

High purity of TIB2 powder
M.Weight: 69.52
CAS No.: 12045-63-5 31

TIB2 is newly pottery and porcelain material and has perfect physical chemistry performance: High melting point (2980 ℃ ), high rigidity(34Gpa), density4.52/cm3 , wear and tear resistant, anti-acid and alkali, good in electric conduction(P=14.4uΩ ) and heat conduction(25J/m.s.k ), heat expand quotiety ( 8.1 × 10-6) , and also good in chemical stability and anti-heat performance.TIB2 and compound material is recognized to be the high-tech material in the last 10 years and has very good spread value and apply foreground.

Ti: 67.5%min.
B: 30.5%min.
O: 1.0% max.
C: 1.5% max.
Fe: 0.2% % max.
D50: 4~8 um.

Apply Field:
1. Conductive compound material. Conductive Boron Nitride (Evaporation Boat) made by TIB2 and Boron Nitride is the component of vacuum aluminium-plate equipments.
2.The tools and components of pottery and porcelain cutting. Pottery and porcelain of TIB2 is used for drawing model, extrusion model, sand blowing nozzle, airproof component and cutting tool, etc.
Complex pottery and porcelain material. It is the important unit of many entity material, the cutting tool is composed of TiB 2 and TiC, TiN, SiC. It is also used as constituent protect material and is the best material for high-temperature, function parts of an apparatus.
3.Aluminium electroanalysis cathode material. It is used as aluminium electrobath cathodal material. As the good moist character of TiB 2 and medal aluminium liquid makes the aluminium electroanalysis a low electric power consumption and delays the longevity of electrobath
4.It can also produce PTC fever material and PTC material, which is the fortifier of A1, Fe, Cu, and other metal materials.